IT and Fitness Consulting

Ernest & Julia Mikulic

Welcome to the Mikulic's of Livermore California home page. If you are looking for local IT DevOps or Zumba Fitness consulting, you have come to the right place.

We offer Windows and Linux IT consulting for VMWare, OVirt, virtualized environments thoughout the Bay area on site and remotely throughout the greater US and Internationally. We also offer Zuma Fitness instruction classes at the local Pleasanton and Livermore Fitness 19 locations and at corporate and local goverment event locations.

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IT Consulting

We have over 20 years of national and international enterprise and small business IT industry experience in product managment and systems engineering with such companies as Smith's Detection, Be A Mentor, Cisco Systems, Yahoo Inc, Bank of America, Saatchi and Saatichi, Catholic Healthcare West, Kaiser Permanente and more.

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Fitness Training

Offering over 10 years experince in Zumba and Jazzercise fitness instruction, we can help your gym, office, or local goverment fitness event be a big hit.

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